Crush 2020 & Make It Your Best Year Ever

How To Crush 2020 & Make It Your Best Year Ever

Take a minute and write down your answers to the following 5 questions:

1. Who do you want to be spending the most time with?

2. How physically fit do you picture yourself?

3. How much time freedom do you want and what do you want to do with it?

4. Where will you want to travel (and with who)?

5. What impact do you hope to be making in 2030?

All things are possible, but first you have to know where you are heading and then believe in yourself to make it happen. You have to dig deep and really discover your “why.” Without knowing your “why” you will likely run away from your dreams as soon as you hit your first obstacles. So how do you really find your own “why?”

2019 in review – Now take a look back at 2019 by looking through your photos on your phone (and in Facebook), review your journal, take a look at what went great and what your business struggles were. Look through your Dropbox and your journal along with the places you went and the people you met in 2019.

Which things brought the most joy and what did you learn in your struggles? Reflection can be an important piece of planning for your future!

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why” – Mark Twain

I do not have the answers, but the good news is that you do. Here are some questions to ask yourself and reflect on: What does your perfect day look like and who would you spend it with? What does success look like w/o thinking about money? Who would you like to support and help if you had no constraints? What is the hardest part of failure?

Every entreprenuer encounters huge obstacles on their road to success. The difference is how they are handled and the speed of recovery. Knowing your true “why” will help you keep going and recovery fast when you stumble on the road to success.

“If you don’t have your own vision for your life then you will have to settle for someone else’s”  Jim Ingersoll

What’s your plan? Need more money? Need to increase your equity and net worth? Ready to retire or pay for your kids college or maybe your daughters wedding? What relationship do you need to improve? What regret do you need to leave behind right now? What is your real, core, deep inside you “why?” What is your vision for your own future? Think in terms of health, family, financial (debt, cash flow, equity), travel plans and spiritual journey.

2020 Goals – What are your goals for 2020? What do you want to have (financially, relationships, joy)? What do you want to do more of if you could take any path you want this year? Who do you want to be (Father/Mother, Husband/Wife, Brother/Sister, Friend, etc). Are you just getting started in your entrepreneurial journey? You will need stable cash flow from things like wholesaling or maybe try flipping some houses. You will need to learn to find off market deals, negotiate with motivated sellers, write up your own contracts and create deal flow while building your team which may include a title company/Lawyer, contractors, virtual assistants, etc. Now is a great time to work on it… Which contractors are driving you crazy? You know the type that are not around when you need them, but 10 minutes before they finally finish some work they want to get paid like you are an ATM machine. How about the ones that just bug you all day, everyday?

Commit to taking action today on your worst contractors. Make it a goal to strengthen your contracting team. How about employees, virtual assistants and team? Following the Pareto principle, which 20% of them require the most brain damage to keep focused on your overall mission? Make today the day your becomes to fix your team and prep for the new decade.

Most people think it is a myth that you can truly invest without your own money, but that is completely possible. What is not true is a magic “Get Rich FAST button!” Real Estate Success comes from commitment to small steps, repeated each and every day of the year of the entire year.

3 Characteristics I’ve Observed in Highly Successful People

1. Invest in themselves and their teams to have the best skills possible.

2. Invest in their networks. They have strong relationships with successful people, mentors and build out strong networks!

3. Goals. They have clear goals, written down, and they constantly measure their results throughout the year.

Be sure to start gaining momentum! Get started today and create 2020 into your best year ever! #Crush2020 and take your life on an amazing journey in coming years!

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